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Image by Gian D.

Traditional Thai massage

With Thai massage you have more parts than with other massages. The whole body is massaged, stretched and stretched to treat every obstacle in the body. This brings the body into balance. With Thai massage see the following techniques: yoga techniques, massage, acupressure and stretching. Certain techniques of this massage can also be seen in other traditions and may look familiar to you. The movements resemble the Asanas of Yoga, the attention to the pressure points on Nadis from Ayurveda and the meridians from Chinese Medicine.

Because of the Yoga techniques, Thai massage is also called "Thai Yoga Massage". In addition to the many varied Yoga stretching exercises, gentle pressure is applied to the reflex points, which stimulates the aura and internal organs. The limbs are stretched and the back arched to make the body supple. One is massaged with hands, thumbs, elbows and knees. Often the masseuse uses her full weight during the massage actions. The muscles are kneaded until all tension is gone from the muscles.

No oil is used with the Traditional Thai Massage (with other Thai massage variants). During the Traditional Thai massage you can wear comfortable clothing (after all, no oil is used). The massage is done on a low firm bed or mattress on the floor.

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